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Reason 1: LAWS/Pro ELIMINATES the need to maintain two separate systems.

Regardless of the systems employed, the law firm must enter time, produce invoices, record client payments, and write checks. Why should the accountant setup a totally duplicate system then re-enter all financial activity?
LAWS/Pro includes a complete practice management system including time entry, trust processing, invoicing, accounts receivable, check writing, general ledger, and productivity reporting.
Cloud technology allows the firm to establish the outside administrator as a user, define the functions to be accessed, then allow modification to the firm's data as necessary. Doing so completely eliminates the need for the administrator to establish a separate system.
For example: If the administrator is delegated responsibility to balance the firms's cash account to the bank statement, there is no longer any need for them to enter into a separate system all the firms receipts and disbursements. Instead the administrator can sign on to the firm's system, review all the entered receipts and disbursements, then correct errors or post omissions as needed.
Upon completion, the data within the firm's accounting system is accurate and can be relied upon by the firm.

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