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2: LAWS/Pro INCREASES REVENUE by converting non-productive time to billable hours.

Professionals have their area of expertise -- attorneys practice law while bookkeepers manage financial activity. Outside their comfort zone individuals tend to become less efficient. LAWS/Pro, combined with Virtual Administration, allows the attorney to perform billable service with the virtual administrator efficiently overseeing the financial activity.
Consider the routine task of balancing multiple bank accounts - the general fund, trust account, etc. If proper procedures are followed it's usually a straight forward task -- but if procedures aren't followed it can become a nightmare. For example, there may be missing or incomplete deposits, non-entered manual checks, missing debit card transfers, money deposited into the improper bank account, credit card receipts delayed till the next bank statement, or money not properly transferred from the trust to general account.
An over worked attorney, short on support staff, may spend upwards of 10 to 20 hours per month (of non-billable administrative time) discovering and correcting these discrepancies. If the job is delegated to staff, it will probably be treated with a low priority and never completed.
A better solution might be to have the attorney and support staff convert this non-billable administrative time to billable client service by delegating routine administrative tasks to a qualified virtual administrator. The administrator can probably review and fix the discrepancies much quicker than the attorney at a fraction of the cost.
More importantly, the administrator can review internal procedures within the firm and encourage individuals to perform needed tasks in an efficient manner greatly decreasing, or eliminating altogether, problems associated with these administrative tasks.

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