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4: LAWS/Pro INCREASES overall efficiency.

Firms strive to realize as much productivity from employees as possible. It makes little sense for individuals to struggle with redundant procedures when a single solution, LAWS/Pro, is readily available.
An objective of all software systems should be to meet desired objectives through entry of a single transaction. LAWS/Pro is designed to do just that. For example when processing receipts each transaction within the entire deposit should be entered. This simple process will help ensure that the firm's cash balance is accurate, the amount due from clients is correctly maintained, the revenue recorded in the general ledger is precise, and the client retainers stored in either the trust or general cash accounts are accurate.
The same single entry procedure should be used to process firm disbursements. All checks written should be processed through LAWS/Pro which automatically decreases the firms cash balance, transfers client costs to Work In Process for reimbursement through invoicing, maintains accurate trust balances, and records all disbursements accurately in the general ledger.
Performance of these two functions completely eliminates the need for manual record keeping through excel, or some other unrelated program, and also completely eliminates the need for supplemental bookkeeping programs used by many accountants. Instead, at month end the Virtual Administrator simply logs into LAWS/Pro, balances the entered deposits and disbursements against the bank statement, and reviews the general ledger for reasonability. All is done using the firm's actual data which eliminates the need to rekey and verify the previously entered information into the accountant's stand alone system. Just as importantly, found corrections are posted against the firm's data maintaining the firm's internal data as accurate.
Proper use of the law firm's accounting system, often requiring much less effort then using non-coordinated manual procedures, allows the firm to not only use, but rely with confidence on, their internal accounting system.

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