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LAWS/Pro Subscription Pricing

The LAWS/Pro monthly subscription for the first user is $ 99 per month. All additional users are charged a reduced subscription fee of $ 59 per month.
Please Note: A "User" is someone who bills their time or activities to clients. Support Staff such as secretaries, accountants, etc. are able to use the LAWS/Pro product at no charge.

Pre-Payment Discounts

Subscriptions may be prepaid on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis. A semi-annual (6 month) payment will receive a 7% discount off the normal rates. An annual (12 month) payment will receive a 15% discount.

Multi-User Discounts

In addition to the pre-payment discount, subscribers receive a varying discount based on the number of users. Subscribers with more than 6 users receive a multi-user discount of 35%.
# of Users
  Total Monthly
Subscription Fee
Multi-User Discount
  Net Monthly
Subscription Fee
1  $ 99.00  $ 0.00  $ 99.00
2  $158.00  $ 0.00  $158.00
3  $217.00  5%    $ 10.85  $206.15
4  $276.00  10%    $ 27.60  $248.40
5  $335.00  20%    $ 67.00  $268.00
6  $394.00  30%  $ 118.20  $275.80
7  $453.00  35%  $ 158.55  $294.45

Pricing Calculator

Use our "Pricing Calculator" to compute the actual subscription charges applicable to your firm. Please Note: FREE conversion of data and web-based training is offered to new subscribers annually prepaying their initial LAWS/Pro subscription.
DTBS prefers that all fees are paid online through our payment portion of the application, however, they may also be sent to our offices via U.S. Postal mail if desired.
Users will be reminded of subscription renewals when upon logging in to the LAWS/Pro application within one week previous to expiration.
Trial use of the complete LAWS/Pro application is granted to new users for a period of one week free of charge.

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