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LAWS/Pro Cost Justification

LAWS/Pro can save the average law firm a substantial amount if you consider all of the benefits. A software solution not only costs for the application itself, but also incurs other related costs. These related costs are usually far more than the original product. If a product requires other software, then these related costs are multiplied by each additional piece of software. Make a list of all the software you may use today. Compare features and function to what is included in LAWS/Pro and make a list of those application that will be replaced. When looking at applications be sure to also look at the following types of related pieces:
  • Backend Databases
  • Remote Access Software
  • Bridge/Export/Import Utilities and Time Requirements
  • Data Backup Employee Time, Media, Transit Fees, Storage Fees
  • Server Hardware
  • Software Installation on Servers
  • Software Installations on Workstations
  • Software Upgrade Technical Time

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