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LAWS/Pro Data Conversion

DeskTop Business Solutions has developed automated conversion programs which convert data quickly and accurately from many applications such as LAWS, Time Matters, Rainmaker, Elite, TImeslips, Quickbooks, PC Law, TimeSolv, and others. If you do not use a program we are familiar with, we will review your data and develop a conversion process that works for it.
Our basic pricing for standard data conversion is approximately $ 300 per user. This is an estimate and the true cost depends upon what is being converted and in what format it resides today. Many law firms use a wide variety of applications and therefore we understand that data may require conversion from a variety of sources. Please contact us for any specific software product conversion pricing.
Conversion costs can be further reduced or even eliminated by subscription pre-payment. Assuming we are familiar with your application, and have experience converting from your current applications(s), we discount the conversion 50% when you prepay for a six month subscription and conversion is provided free of charge with a prepaid 12 month subscription.
In order to convert your data we will require a complete copy of your data or database along with a few corresponding reports which we can use for verification.
If we convert from an application for which we have a previously developed conversion program, we can convert your data once - immediately prior the utilization of LAWS/Pro. If we are converting from an unfamiliar application, we will need to convert your data twice. Once to develop the conversion program and verify its accuracy, and a second time immediately prior to the utilization of LAWS/Pro.
'Conversion of Data' generally consists of converting:
  • Basic Data Files Including:
  •    Attorneys
  •    Clients / Matters
  •    Contacts
  •    Vendors
  • Work in Process
  • Account Receivables
  • General Ledger Activity
  • Client Trust Activity

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