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LAWS/Pro Training Costs

LAWS/Pro is extremely easy to use, yet it's also extensive and comprehensive. LAWS/Pro training familiarizes users with the features, functions, and operations of LAWS/Pro which significantly decrease system start-up time. When your first years LAWS/Pro subscription is paid in full, up to 12 hours of personalized Standard training is provide to you at no-charge.
Training is strongly encouraged..

Standard Web-Demo Training

Our Standard training is predominately conducted by a series of short, approximately 1 hour each, live Web Demo training sessions. In order to allow subscribers to absorb the training and apply it to live processing, the training sessions are scheduled over a series of several days. As many individuals as the firm desires may attend each session. Questions are encouraged allowing us to address your specific concerns. In most cases full training is accomplished in about 8 - 12 hours.
Standard Training is billed at $125 per hour. Standard Training costs can be reduced, or eliminated, by subscription pre-payment. A 6 month prepayment will reduce the hourly training rate to $50 per hour for the first 12 hours. If the first year subscription is pre-paid in full, the first 12 hours of training is provided free. Regardless of the prepayment option, all Standard Training time, over the initial 12 hours, will be billed at our normal training rate.

On-Site Training

For those firms desiring, we also offer on-site training.
"Typical" on-site training is scheduled for 3 days (though it could be extended or shortened based on the needs of the firm) and generally consists of the following:

   * Review of the integrity of converted data.
   * Training sessions with timekeepers reviewing Time Entry and Calendar functions.
   * Review of Invoicing procedures including the actual generation of client invoices.
   * Review of the Cash Receipts program including the processing of an actual deposit.
   * Review of the Disbursement system including the entry of vendor invoices for payment
      and the printing of actual checks.
   * Review of the Client Trust system.
   * Review of Management Reporting with the partners.
   * Review of all questions resulting from the day-to-day utilization of LAWS/Pro.
On-site training is charged at $1,000/day, plus out of pocket travel costs for items such as airfare, lodging, meals,and other incidental expenses like parking, cab fare, etc.

Overview of the Training Process:

Initial Setup:
  • Entry of authorized users and assignment of the desired functionality by user
  • Review of converted data

  • Review of calendar functions.
  • Review of entering time.
  • Review of contact management.
  • Review of the use of bill codes, and the required use of UTBMS codes required by some clients.
  • Review use of Abbreviators.
  • Review of time entry reporting capabilities available.

  • Review the time entry cutoff date which disallows time entry prior to the current billing date.
  • Review the various audit capabilities within LAWS/Pro to help ensure all time is entered prior to the billing process.
  • Review the various Work In Process reporting and inquiry capabilities.
  • Review the Work in Process modification procedures.
  • Review the process of applying retainers to the invoices.
  • Review the various billing options.
  • Review the selection of Invoices, printing of Billing Drafts, printing of Invoices, creation of Ledes files, and posting of Invoices.
  • Review the various Billing Journal formats.
  • Review of copies of PDF invoices stored in the LAWS/Pro document Repository.

  • Review the flow of information from billing into Accounts Receivable.
  • Review the processing of cash receipts including:
  • Payments against outstanding invoices.
  • Retainers stored in the General Account.
  • Retainers stored in Trust
  • Processing miscellaneous receipts not associated with a client, Example, the sale of an asset.
  • Processing receipts which should post as credits to work in process.
  • Review of the various Accounts Receivable reporting capabilities available.
  • Review of the generation of Client Reminder Statements.

Payables (Disbursements):
  • Review the entry of disbursements.
  • Review of the concept of Client Costs, and their posting throughout the system.
  • Review of vendor entry and modification.
  • Review the generation of checks.
  • Review the processing of manual checks and electronic transfers.
  • Review working with multiple cash accounts - General Fund, Trust Account, etc.
  • Review the posting of checks.
  • Review the various Check Register Formats.
  • Review voiding checks.
  • Review of 1099 Processing.
  • Review the Bank Reconciliation procedures.

General Ledger:
  • Review the General Ledger chart of accounts. Review the flow of information from the various functions within LAWS/Pro.
  • Review the processing of manual journal entries.
  • Review the standard GL reports including:
  • General Ledger Account Inquiry.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Various General Ledger Reports.
  • Standard Financial Statements.
  • User defined Financial Statements.
  • Review the Client Trust Accounting System.
  • Review of Year End Closing Procedures.

  • General review of the inquiry and reporting capabilities throughout the system.
  • Review of the Daily Activity Spreadsheet which tracks the firm's running Cash, Accounts Receivable, and Work In Process balances.
  • Review of Productivity Reporting capabilities.
  • Review of Attorney Budgeting.

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