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Virtual Administration - Review GL (General Ledger)

The Virtual Administration does not replace your accountant, but is designed to supplement the relationship. All financial activity is automatically posted from the LAWS/Pro check writing and cash receipts program. Non-cash transactions may be posted through the journal entry program.
LAWS/Pro Virtual Administrators know how the system should operate and how to address and fix common problems. They can easily review the general ledger activity with special emphasis on the following:
Balanced general ledger: The LAWS/Pro Virtual Administrator can review the trial balance and ensure it balances. In the unlikely event it is out of balance, they can research and correct the problem.
Review manual journal entries: LAWS/Pro automatically and seamlessly posts all normal day-to-day financial activity. The cash receipt program posts revenue while the check writing program records expenses. Occasionally manual journal entries are posted in hopes of correcting some situation - which may be posted incorrectly. These journal entries can be reviewed for reasonability and correctness.
System generated general ledger transactions can also be reviewed for reasonability. For example, a simple review or general ledger activity may uncover an automobile expense mistakenly posted to the wrong account - malpractice insurance. Errors such as these can easily be corrected.
System Integration: LAWS/Pro is designed to automatically post normal day-to-day general ledger activity. When correctly set up, this posting is transparent. Virtual Administrators know how to seamlessly integrate general ledger activity throughout the system.
For example: Checks may be generated without vendor codes, but great efficiency is gained if commonly used vendors are defined within the system along with the standard general ledger numbers used by that vendor.
The Virtual Administrator can review the overall setup of the system to ensure it's working as efficiently as it should.

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