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Virtual Administration - Review Performance

Very few small companies understand the importance of financial planning and instead judge their performance by their current cash position. A vital role for the virtual administrator is to discuss with the professional their short and long-term goals and develop a budget required to meet them. Thereafter the virtual administrator can monitor the company's actual performance against these developed expectations and advise the professional of variances.
Professional Productivity: If professionals are serious about improving productivity, it's important to be able to evaluate actual performance against developed expectations. LAWS/Pro provides the means of implementing performance standards by professional. Managerial reports may then be generated comparing actual performance to these developed expectations. The appropriate measures may be then be implemented to address and rectify negative variance.
Financial Budgeting: LAWS/Pro provides the means of implementing a financial budget which compares actual company performance to developed expectations. Budgets are planning tools. They force the company to think about how it expects to perform and what it will cost to reach those expectations. Without a budget, small companies can easily lose direction and a valuable means of gauging performance. \
A Virtual Administrator can discuss the desired goals of company, then develop a budget required to attain those goals. Thereafter, the Virtual Administrator can monitor company performance and discuss with the professional policies and procedures to address negative variances.

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