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Virtual Administration - Review WIP (Work In Process)

One of the production goals of most companies is to generate a high quantity of billable work in process, then convert it to collectible receipts as quickly as possible through efficient billing and collection procedures.
Virtual Administration can help the company implement the appropriate work in process management techniques accomplishing this goal as follows:
Review Aged Work in Process: LAWS/Pro allows reporting of the company's un-billed work in process based on the age of the service rendered. The Virtual Administrator reviews this aging information and informs the company of items with aging work in process balances which should be billed. As work in process becomes older it also becomes less collectable.
Review the assigned rates: Reporting within LAWS/Pro allows identification of items containing work in process transactions without assigned rates. The Virtual Administrator can review this work in process and alert the company, and help correct, any discovered problems.
Review the timeliness of hours worked: Within each work in process transaction LAWS/Pro maintains the date of service as well as the date it was entered into the system. The Virtual Administrator reviews this information to determine the timeliness of the transaction entered. Professionals not using the calendering system efficiently can be encouraged to modify their practices to better use the system and improve their productivity.
Review billing procedures: The Virtual Administrator can review the actual bills generated during the course of the month and advise the company of any discovered inefficiencies - such as items with WIP not billed, delayed billings, incorrect application of retainers, etc. Efficiencies available within the system, but not utilized, may also be discussed with the company for possible implementation.
Generation of Invoices: Depending on the staffing level within the firm, responsibility for the actual generation of client invoices may be delegated to the Virtual Administrator. After verification that all time has been entered, the Administrator may forward a PDF draft of all matters to be invoiced to the firm for review. After posting all corrections the Administrator can produce the client invoices. Invoices may be e-mailed to the client, saving time and expense, or printed and mailed.

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