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LAWS/Pro Conversion from Elite Software - A Managing Partner's Perspective

My firm's transition from our prior billing and accounting system (Elite Legal Software Systems) to LAWS/Pro was surprisingly fast and easy. In the month prior to the transition, LAWS/Pro's experienced managers helped us transfer historical financial and billing data to the LAWS/Pro's computers.
On the last day of our cutoff month we ceased utilzation of our prior system and forwarded our current data to LAWS/Pro for conversion. By the second workday of the next month in which we went "live" with LAWS/Pro, we were printing out bill drafts (pre-bills) for the recently-completed month; the two day turnaround was a huge improvement.
With over 20 timekeepers to keep happy, I was concerned about ease of use and the possible need for ongoing training. But LAWS/Pro's user-friendly environment- with drop-down menu selection screens and intuitive data entry shortcuts-made keeping track of time far easier than it had been with our prior system. A single short training meeting was adequate for the majority of our lawyers, and within a few days everyone was asking why we waited so long to switch to LAWS/Pro.
LAWS/Pro enables me to quickly create, from my laptop computer, no matter where my travels take me, clear reports including balance sheets, income-expense statements, aged A/R, fee realization and many others. This direct access to key accounting information is available 24/7 at a fraction of the fee quoted by LAWS/Pro's larger nationally-known competitors.
I am delighted with my firm's decision to switch to LAWS/Pro, and think any law firm looking for an internet-based solution to its billing and accounting needs should speak first with the professionals at LAWS/Pro.
Managing Partner of a Los Angeles-Based Firm
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