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DeskTop Business Solutions - 30 Year History Providing Proven Products

Founded in 1981 as a technology consulting company for legal professionals, the founders of DeskTop Business Solutions recognized the need for better time tracking and accounting software. In 1982 the company created it's first time and accounting package, 'L.A.W.S.', designed to operate on mid-range IBM computer systems. As time passed L.A.W.S. was continually enhanced to keep up with newer technologies. It was moved to other platforms including IBM System/36, Wang/VS, and the Personal Computer. By 1994 L.A.W.S. was available on a Microsoft Access Windows based system.
With the growing popularity and efficiency of the Internet, DeskTop Business Solutions (DTBUSINESS) envisioned the day when application processing would shift from internal, locally managed networks, to Internet hosted applications. In 2001 DTBUSINESS proceeded to embark upon writing a completely new, web-based application, 'LAWS/Pro', built upon the proven features and functions found in L.A.W.S.
In 2003, the initial development of LAWS/Pro was complete and DTBUSINESS started offering cloud-based LAWS/Pro subscriptions to law firms throughout the nation. These firms realized that, in addition to utilizing a world class Law Practice Management application, they were able to significantly decrease their operating costs, and increase internal efficiency, by off-loading all IT costs associated with network maintenance, software management, backup and recovery, and remote access.
DTBUSINESS has continued to release revisions to the LAWS/Pro application including the latest full rewrite dubbed 'Version 5.0'. These revisions allow us to take full advantage of improved Internet technologies thereby greatly improving the look, feel, and performance of LAWS/Pro.
A lot has changed over the last several years and our instincts were proven correct. The Internet has now become a crucial part of most businesses. It has grown to an almost inconceivable size and can deliver almost anything you can think to request. Over the last few years DTBUSINESS has continued to prove the reliability and operation of LAWS/Pro. Our long-term customers enjoy hassle free upgrades, no dependencies on computer hardware, complete data security and backup peace of mind.
DTBUSINESS was the first to market with a web-based full function legal time, billing and accounting package and we still remain the leader in that market. Now with the latest version, our LAWS/Pro product has been expanded to support any professional who performs hourly billing including accountants and consultants.
LAWS/Pro showcases the latest in web technologies including AJAX and Web 2.0. It also contains many new technologies developed by DTBUSINESS, such as our patented VerFast technology, which enhances the overall user experience. All of these combine to make the LAWS/Pro application easier than ever to use. We have also packed it full of fully integrated features to help you manage and grow your business.
DeskTop Business Solutions now has over 30 years of history in delivering time and billing software solutions to our customers. This time in the industry has proven our products, service and visionary foresight into the future. We truly appreciate you, our customers, and we look forward to serving you and delivering even more great products and services as we continue to improve and enhance as technologies change.

DeskTop Business Solutions, LLC

P.O. Box 455, Roscommon, MI 48653
Phone: (989) 275-4843

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