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LAWS/Pro Disbursements

Nobody enjoys spending money, but if it must be disbursed, it's best to use an efficient system which accurately manages invoices for payment, tracks costs, reduces redundant activity, and encourages reimbursement of costs from clients.
Welcome to LAWS/Pro.
All disbursements, associated with as many Cash Accounts as required, may be managed simultaneously within the LAWS/Pro Disbursement system.
Invoices received for payment are entered into the system when received. Checks may be generated immediately, or payment may be delayed until the invoices are selected for payment by due date. Electronic Payments may be processed through the Disbursement system as a manual check. Many users use the transfer's Confirmation Number as the manual check number.
Vendor accounts may be established for payees receiving repetitive payments. Each account stores the name, address, and the general ledger account to which the payments should be posted. When processing a new invoice for payment, simply recall the desired vendor to automatically insert the full name, address, and payment distribution.
Often firm's pay a cost on behalf of their client. When processing a Client Cost within LAWS/Pro, simply reference the appropriate Client and Matter along with the desired distribution amount, and the cost will automatically be posted to the Clients work-in-process account when the check is processed.
Additional features within the LAWS/Pro Disbursement system include:
* On-line Inquiry with the ability to drill down to the distribution detail,
* A wide variety of printed Check Registers,
* Full Bank Reconciliation capabilities for multiple bank accounts,
* Seamless integration with the firm's general ledger,
* The ability to generate Federal 1099 forms,
* Complete integration with the LAWS/Pro Trust and Invoicing systems as needed.
The LAWS/Pro Disbursement system eliminates redundant tasks associated with piecemeal software systems, encourages the reimbursement of Client Costs, and generally improves firm efficiency.

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