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LAWS/Pro Invoicing

LAWS/Pro includes extensive, yet easy to use, client invoicing.

Work-in-process to be invoiced consists of three classifications:
Fees: Charges for services rendered, generally entered using the Activity Calendar.
Disbursements: Actual costs paid by the law firm on behalf of the client, (such as filing fees,FedEx charges, etc.) which are automatically posted to the clients account when the check is processed.
Expenses: Overhead charges billed to the client, (such as for telephone calls, photocopies, etc.) which may be automatically imported from 3rd party cost control systems, or manually input using the Activity Calendar.

Work-in-process can be selected for invoicing based on user defined selection criteria such as the service cutoff date, client, matter, billing attorney, etc. Leaving the criteria blank will select for invoicing all matters containing a work-in-process balance. Conversely, entering a specific client and matter will limit selection to that specified matter only.
Draft bills are a hard-copy worksheet detailing all work-in-process to be invoiced for the selected matters. Attorneys use these "Drafts" to verify and correct the transactions to be invoiced to the client. Once the corrections, and other invoicing instructions, noted on the "Drafts" are processed, the final copy of the Client Invoice can be produced.
Invoices can be formatted based on a variety of selectable 'Yes/No' invoicing options. Examples of these options include:
* Produce a cover letter?: Yes or No
* Note the billing rate per transaction on the invoice?: Yes or No
* Include the outstanding A/R balance on the invoice?: Yes or No
* Apply available retainer balances against the invoice?: Yes or No
* many more options.....

These options may be set once for the entire firm, then overridden as necessary by billing attorney or client, to create a customized invoice addressing the needs of both the firm and client. If desired, LAWS/Pro also allows you to upload your own custom invoice logo and footer allowing your invoices to compliment your professional image.
After the invoices are printed and verified as correct, they are Posted, which marks the invoiced work-in-process as billed; creates invoice accounts receivable balances; transfers retainer funds as required; accumulates billing statistics for productivity reporting; if specified, emails copies of invoices to clients; and automatically stores copies of the PDF invoice within the online LAWS/Pro document repository.
LAWS/Pro provides ALL the advanced billing features required by law firms. If electronic billing is required, LAWS/Pro supports most of the popular billing formats including, among others, LEDES 1998B, Litigation Advisor, or ELF formats.
LAWS/Pro provides extensive Split Billing capabilities which accumulates work-in-process on a single General matter then invoices this WIP between multiple clients based on a pre-defined percentage. It is extremely useful when multiple carriers are responsible for portions of a common matter. When posted, the appropriate accounts receivable balance is posted to each Split client.

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