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LAWS/Pro is a complete and integrated solution, meaning does the job of numerous programs used by many small firms use today, and LAWS/Pro does it better because all the features work together.
Think about it, most law offices today utilize separate programs to perform these key functions:
  • Calendaring
  • Time and Billing
  • Accounting
  • Document Management
  • Remote Access to Office Data
  • Data Backup
Each of these requires the costs of technical people to install and upgrade them. This cost is also incurred for each computer int he office. Therefore the true cost of these solutions is:
Number of Different Products  x  Number of Computers   x
        ( Annual License Fees
      +  Installation Time
      +  Backup Time & Media)
      +  Data Import / Export Time
      +  Learning Curve )
When you look closely, these can be costly. But that's not all - they are also inherently error prone and often convoluted because they are separate pieces, made by separate companies. Remote access software is great but can you easily run and print all your reports when using it? If you question a General Ledger balance can you easily link that to all your client receipts? Can you easily trace a client bill entry back to a calendar entry?
There are two separate issues at play here, one is the cost and complexity of managing numerous pieces of solutions witht he overall goal of getting them to work together. The other is the ability to conduct business easily and without errors which is difficult when data is moved between these different applications.
This is why LAWS/Pro is the answer. It seamlessly integrates all of these functions and, at the same time provides you with premium remote anytime anywhere access to your information. Our customers have found this to be a breath of fresh air as everything works together. And they find they save time as well.
LAWS/Pro is packed with features that can go head to head with any other products on the market. And because the remote access piece is built in, it is easy to use from anywhere. So, take your time, look into what LAWS/Pro offers, Give us a call and talk with our experts, We think you'll see why we claim that LAWS/Pro is the best legal practice management software solution on the market today for small to mid size law firms.

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