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4 Reasons how LAWS/Pro, combined with Virtual Administration, greatly improves small firm efficiency

Most lawyers lack sufficient accounting knowledge to efficiently manage the financial aspects of their firm. A common solution is to out source the firm's financial administration to an independent accountant, or delegate responsibility to an untrained, overworked, support staff.
Problems result from the firm and accountant using separate, unrelated, systems. The firm relies on their system to record time and produce client invoices. The receipts and disbursements are forwarded to the accountant who re-enters them into a stand alone accounting system to maintain accurate financial information. Rarely are the two systems synchronized leaving the firm unable to rely on its time and billing system for accurate financial data.
Untrained support staff most often postpones dreaded accounting tasks until the last possible moment resulting in unreliable, untimely, financial data.
Use of LAWS/Pro, combined with Virtual Administration solves these problems.
1: LAWS/Pro ELIMINATES the need to maintain two separate systems. Regardless of the systems employed, the law firm must enter time, produce invoices, record client payments, and write checks. Why should the accountant setup a totally duplicate system then re-enter all financial activity?
2: LAWS/Pro INCREASES REVENUE by converting non-productive time to billable hours. Professionals have their area of expertise -- attorneys practice law while bookkeepers manage financial activity. Outside their comfort zone individuals tend to become less efficient. LAWS/Pro, combined with Virtual Administration, allows the attorney to perform billable service with the virtual administrator efficiently overseeing the financial activity.
3: LAWS/Pro DECREASES outside accounting costs. Without direct access to the firm's data, outside accountants spend an inordinate amount of time establishing a stand alone system then re-entering the firm's transactions into this system. Cloud based LAWS/Pro provides the Virtual Administrator with authorized access to the firm's database which eliminates this redundancy. The Virtual Administrator is able to access the firm's actual data and focus on the required review and verification of this information.
4: LAWS/Pro INCREASES overall efficiency. Firms strive to realize as much productivity from employees as possible. It makes little sense for individuals to struggle with redundant procedures when a single solution, LAWS/Pro, is readily available.

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