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100% Cloud (Internet) Based

Thousands of attorneys realize the benefit of remotely accessing their computer while away from the office through the use of Cloud Computing.
Cloud Computing or Software as a Service (SaaS), is much more than comprehensive application software. It's a complete data center infrastructure including networking, storage, operating systems, databases, application servers, web servers, security, updates, user management, backup services, and disaster recovery plans.
Cloud computing allows attorneys and staff to concentrate on the generation of billable hours rather than managing equipment, data, and software. More importantly it eliminates the cost and oversight of the technicians required to implement and maintain these systems.
Better yet, Cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Most attorneys perform billable services during normal business hours. After business hours they often remain at the office to enter time and perform other administrative tasks. Cloud computing allows the attorney to go home at a normal hour, relax, and spend time with family or friends. Administrative task such as reviewing time, invoicing, writing checks, or processing receipts can then be performed from home at your leisure - such as after the kids go to bed or over the weekend.

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