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LAWS/Pro Supported Operating Systems and Web Browsers

Because LAWS/Pro is Internet or Cloud based, it is able to be used on almost any computer. While that is true, there are some that do work much better than others. LAWS/Pro operates in a web browser. Web browsers are available on most operating system platforms. Here at DTBusiness and at our customer locations, we routinely operate on Apple Mac, Windows (all versions), and Linux (multiple versions and flavors). All of these are fully supported.
We also routinely test and use a wide variety of web browser software. We highly recommend Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as our two primary preferred browsers. We also work with Microsoft Internet Explorer but we cannot recommend it due to issues embedded in that software. Laws/Pro also works on many other browsers although we do not have staffing to officially offer any technical support for them. Among these are Safari, Opera, Netscape and many others.
Most all of these browsers are available free of charge and can be downloaded from the following links:
Mozilla Firefox: 
Google Chrome: 

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