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LAWS/Pro Subscription Pricing

The LAWS/Pro monthly subscription for the first user is $ 99 per month. All additional users are charged a reduced subscription fee of $ 79 per month.
Please Note: A "User" is someone who bills their time or activities to clients. Support Staff such as secretaries, accountants, etc. are able to use the LAWS/Pro product at no charge.

Pre-Payment Discounts

Subscriptions may be prepaid on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis. A semi-annual (6 month) payment will receive a 7% discount off the normal rates. An annual (12 month) payment will receive a 15% discount.

Multi-User Discounts

In addition to the pre-payment discount, subscribers receive a varying discount based on the number of users. Subscribers with more than 6 users receive a multi-user discount of 25%.
# of Users
  Total Monthly
Subscription Fee
Multi-User Discount
  Net Monthly
Subscription Fee
1  $ 99.00  $ 0.00  $ 99.00
2  $178.00  $ 0.00  $178.00
3  $257.00  5%    $ 12.85  $244.15
4  $336.00  10%    $ 33.60  $302.40
5  $415.00  15%    $ 62.25  $352.75
6  $494.00  20%    $ 98.80  $395.20
7  $573.00  25%   $143.25  $429.75

Pricing Calculator

Use our "Pricing Calculator" to compute the actual subscription charges applicable to your firm. Please Note: FREE conversion of data and web-based training is offered to new subscribers annually prepaying their initial LAWS/Pro subscription.
Users will be reminded of subscription renewals when logging in to the LAWS/Pro application one month prior to expiration.
Upon renewal users may review their users and generate a renewal invoice online. Fees are sent to our offices via U.S. Postal mail. Credit cards are not accepted.
Trial use of the complete LAWS/Pro application is granted to new users for a period of two weeks free of charge.

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