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Help Tips: Email Client Invoices

Save time and money by configuring LAWS/Pro to email client invoices. Eliminate the need to print a hard copy of the invoice, fold, stuff an envelope, apply postage, mail, then wait a few days till delivered.
The invoicing option "Bill by Email" may be set as a firm default -- or by billing attorney, client, or when invoicing on a matter by matter basis.
If all of the client invoices should be sent to a single individual, the recipient's email address may be assigned by client. If client invoices for various matters must be sent to different individuals, the email address may be assigned by matter.
LAWS/Pro confirms email transmission by forwarding a copy of each emailed invoice to the firm. Additionally, the billing attorney may request a copy of the invoice be sent to them to verify the date and time it was transmitted to the client.
The invoice is e-mailed to the client as an attachment. The text of the e-mail message may contain a standard message, or this message may be customized as desired by the firm.
Emailing invoices quickly and efficiently delivers the invoice to the client and drastically decreases the cost of processing.
Try it.

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